Asian handicap is a type of handicap bet that adds a conditional number of goals, points, corners, and so on to the final result or subtracts them from it, while a draw is not taken into account as an outcome (you cannot bet on a draw with an Asian handicap). If, after applying the Asian handicap to the final result, the selected event is valid, then the bet wins, and if a draw is obtained taking into account the handicap, the bet is returned to the player.

Important for Asian handicap

The Asian handicap can be positive or negative, single or double. A single Asian handicap can have integer values ​​and fractional values ​​that are multiples of 0.5. A double Asian handicap is made up of two single handicaps – for example, (-1; 1.5) – and can be written in two ways: as two separate handicap values ​​and as one multiple of 0.25. For example, handicap (-1; 1.5) and handicap (-1.25) are one and the same.

In order to calculate the bet on the Asian handicap, a certain value is added to the final result of the selected team or subtracted from it, and if the selected team wins after that, then the bet wins. If, after applying the Asian handicap, a draw is obtained, the bet is returned to the player. This happens with whole Asian handicaps – for example, (+1) or (-2). If, after applying the Asian handicap, the side chosen by the player loses, the bet loses.

For example, in the match team A – team B, a bet was made on the victory of team A with an Asian handicap (-2). The match ended with a score of 3: 1 in favor of team A. After the handicap is applied, a 1: 1 draw is obtained, that is, the bet is returned. To win the bet in this case, it is necessary that team A wins with a difference of 3 goals or more, and if it wins with a difference of 1 goal, draws or loses, then the bet will also lose, since after the handicap is applied, team A will lose in the score …

The calculation of double Asian handicaps should be explained separately. In this case, the bet amount is conventionally divided in half: half goes to one value of the double handicap, half to the second. Then the halves are calculated according to the usual rules.

For example, in the match team A – team B, a bet of 1,000 rubles was made on team B with an Asian handicap (+1.75), which can also be written as (+1.5; 2). In this case, one half of the bet conditionally goes to the handicap (+1.5), the other half goes to the handicap (+2). Team A wins the match 3: 1. After applying the handicap (+1.5), the score becomes 3: 2.5, which means that the first half of the bet is lost. After the handicap (+2) is applied, the score becomes 3: 3, which means that a refund is made in the second half. This bet would win if Team A won by no more than 1 goal, if there was a draw or Team B.