Handicap soccer betting is wagering on a team to win with an initial lead or a set number of goals behind. To calculate the result of the bet, it is necessary to add a handicap to the final score. If the selected team wins, taking into account the handicap, the bet is considered to be won.

Read more about how different types of handicaps are designated and calculated: positive, negative and zero – below.

Positive handicap

A positive handicap is a plus handicap. Examples of a plus handicap are Ф1 (+1), Ф1 (+1.5), Ф2 (+1), Ф2 (+1.5), and so on. In a bet with a positive handicap, the chosen team gains the advantage, and in order to win the bet, it is required that it does not lose by more than the established handicap.

An example of a positive handicap : a f2 (+1) bet on the Mexico – USA match. We will be happy with a US victory or a draw. If Mexico wins by one goal, a refund is provided. Mexico’s victory by two or more goals would mean losing.

Negative handicap

A negative handicap is a minus handicap. Examples of a negative handicap are f1 (-1), f1 (-1.5), f2 (-1), f2 (-1.5), etc. In a bet with a negative handicap, the initial advantage is given to the opponent, and for the bet to pass, the victory of the selected team with a difference greater than the established handicap is required.

An example of a negative handicap : an F1 (-1.5) bet on the Brazil – Peru match. We will be satisfied with the victory of the Brazilians in two or more goals. In all other cases, there will be a loss.

Zero handicap

A zero handicap is a handicap of 0. There are only two options for such a handicap: φ1 (0) and φ2 (0). Zero handicap is a bet to win with a safety net in the event of a tie in a football match. This is an intermediate outcome between 1X and W1 or X2 and W2. In order for the bet to play, the victory of the selected team is required, while in case of a draw, a refund is issued.

An example of a zero handicap : F1 (0) for the Japan – Australia match. We need Japan to win by any score. If there is a draw, the bet will be calculated with odds 1.0. And only if Australia wins, we will lose.

What is the Difference Between European and Asian Handicap

European and Asian handicap are two completely different types of handicap bets at bookmakers. The main difference is the number of selections in one market: three in the European and two in the Asian handicap. Due to this feature, the return of the bet is impossible in the European handicap, while in the Asian analogue this option is provided, but only for integer values.