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  • Interface: 7.5mm

  • Spraying Distance: 2m

  • Working Pressure: 3-6Mpa

  • Product Name: Red Pot Type Pneumatic Spray Gun

  • Model: TL-GD-5

  • Color: Red

  • Material: Aluminum Alloy

  • Nozzle Caliber: 6mm

  • Air Inlet Port Size: 7.5mm

  • Spray Distance: 2m

  • Paint Discharge Amount: 70 (ml/s)

  • Maximum Output Pressure: 3-6Mpa

  • Paint Supply Method: Suction Type

  • Feature:
    - Flexible and easy to use.
    - Aluminum material is easy to wear and corrosion.
    - Easy to operate, 6mm nozzle diameter.
    - The spray distance of 2m is very good.
    - Compact and easy to carry.
    - The scope of application is applicable to various repairs such as car furniture, factory facilities, etc.

  • Use:
    - Before using the spray for the first time, firstly add the residue in the paint channel to the release of the gun, and try to filter the inside of the spray gun to ensure clean.
    - Control the angle and distance between the spray gun and the spray gun during spraying.
    - Control the proper spray pressure during spraying.
    - After pulling the trigger before spraying, the first gear can be used for dust blowing.
    - The second stop flows through the nozzle and the air and atomize at the same time.
    - According to the need to use the amount of paint, adjust the seasoning screw to control the needle process, freely adjust the paint size flow.
    - Adjust the size and width of the spray coating to achieve a complete spray effect.
    - After use, clean the airflow in time, nozzle (first to the paint inside the gun, then add the thinner and shake the trigger while pulling, try to let the residual paint inside the spray gun spray.
    - Then remove the airflow and clean it. If the airflow is too dirty, you need to soak the thinner for a while before cleaning.
    - Do not damage the hole in the airflow during cleaning. After removing the airflow, protect the nozzle. Do not let the nozzle hurt. If the cleaning is not clean, it will affect the atomization effect.

  • Note:
    - Choose clean compressed air.
    - Choose the right spray equipment for your workplace.
    - Before connecting the air pipe, make sure that the spray gun is complete and firm.
    - It is strictly forbidden to point the gun to yourself or others to avoid injury caused by misuse.
    - Wear knee protection equipment when working (there will be paint fog when spraying).

Package include
  • 1 x Red Pot Type Pneumatic Spray Gun











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