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NEWACALOX EU/US DIY Multifunction 60W Adjustable Temp Soldering Iron Set Digital Multimeter 7mm Glue Gun Welding Repair Tool Kit with Tool Box 



1.The Soldering iron kit can meet all your soldering work needs with all fitting included,making your soldering more easy and comfortable.

2.It have a carry box,then it is rather convenient to store small tools and easy to carry. The item is great for electric repair.



1. Using latest anti-static design,double-side board

2. Imported heating element with large power,rapid heating,you can de-soldering after in for 1 min.

3. Heating faster,thermostat circuit and high stability

4. Design with temperature adjustable range:200-450°

5.The Soldering iron tip compatibility with 900M series.

6. Energy-efficient,power consumption 70% lower than ordinary soldering iron,which is more energy conservation and environment protection.

7. The handle with high temperature resistance silica gel tube,comfortable feel and high safety

8. Anti-twist on tail line to further improve safety.



1.Soldering iron:Adjustable temperature controlled: 200-450 ° C (there is a knob wheel on the Electronic Soldering Gun for temperature adjust),there are 5 pcs of different specifications of the soldering Iron tip.

2.Multimeter:multimeter accurately measures current, voltage, resistance, and so on.The LCD screen shows you the data clearly.Displays results quickly with 2-3 readings per second update speed.

3.Glue Gun: Comes with 20pcs hot melt glue sticks, strong adhesive,easy cleaning,Wide application in  DIY handcraft and repair job.

4.Suction tin pump and Suction wire:Quick and easy solder residue clearance.

5.Pliers:blade by-pass cutting method, which reduces effort and extends tool life as the cutting blades do not meet edge to edge.

6.Screwdriver set:4 in 1 precision screwdriver  to meet your different needs.

7.Soldering iron gun stand:Convenient to hold your soldering iron,compatible with most pencil type soldering irons.

8.Welding Iron Wire:1mm width ,with a low melting point, usually used in iron soldering with bright and full soldering points.

9.Engraving knife:it is ideal for versatile situation,PCB circuit board,Mobile phone film,soft wood,sculpture,paper and so on.



1.When the soldering iron is plugged in for the first time, there comes out a smoke from the  tip end. The smoke stops in a smoke while and a smoke never comes out again.

2.After finish the longer life tip face.

3.Use soldering stand and other aids to avoid burnt fingers. 

4.Don't pull the soldering iron tip outward and use it in that way, which will shorten the 

heating element life. 

5.Don't file the long life tip face and Don't apply too much solder unnecessarily


Package included:

1 pcs Soldering Iron(EU 220V/US 110V 60W)

1 pcs Glue Gun(EU/US 100-240V 20W)

1 pcs Digital Multimeter

1 pcs Suction Tin Pump

1 pcs Pliers

1 pcs Mini Wire Stripper

1 pcs Screwdriver Set(Contain 4 Spare Screwdriver Head)

1 pcs Soldering Iron Gun Stand (with clean sponge)

2 pcs Electronic Wire(Black/Red)

2 pcs Jumper Wire(Width:0.1mm)

2 pcs Welding Iron Wire(Tin 63%, lead 37%(Sn63Pb37 ))

2 pcs Tweezers (fine tip curved,fine tip straight) 

5 pcs Suction Tin Wire(1.5/2.0/2.5/3.0/3.5mm )

6 pcs Soldering Tool

10 pcs Soldering Iron Tip(1C 2C 3C 4C 1.2D 1.6D 2.4D K I B)

14 pcs Engraving Knives(Handle and Blades)

20 pcs 7mm Glue Sticks

1 pcs Tool Box

(Total 72pcs/lot)DSC_2149


Multimeter Specifications:

- LCD size: 49*17mm

- Sampling speed: 2 times per second.

- Over-load indication: “1” is displayed

-Operating Environment: 0 - 40, at < 80%RH

-Storage Environment: -10-50,at < 85%RH

-Power: 9V NEDA 1604 or 6F22

-Product size: 130*73*37mm

-Product net weight: 145g (including battery)

Measurement ranges & Accuracy

-DC Voltage:

200mV   ±(0.5% of rdg+3D)

2000mV/20V/200V   ±(0.8% of rdg+5D)

500V   ±(1% of rdg+5D)  

-AC Voltage:

200V/500V   ±(2% of rdg+10D)

-DC Current:

200μA/2000μA/20mA   ±(1.8% of rdg+2D)

200mA   ±(2% of rdg+2D)

10A   ±(2% of rdg+10D)


200Ω   ±(1% of rdg+10D)

2000Ω/20KΩ/200KΩ   ±(1% of rdg+4D)

20MΩ   ±(1% of rdg+10D)

200MΩ   ±[5%*(rdg-10)+10dgts]  


Soldering Iron Specification:

Soldering Iron Length: 2.5in/6.5cm

Cable Length: 57in/145cm

Plug type: EU plug(220V)/US plug(110V)

Working Voltage: 220V/110V

Power: 60W

Soldering Iron Stand: Steel

Iron Tips Model: 900M series

Color: Red


Glue Gun Specifications:

Color:  Red

Power: 20W

Thermostat Operating Temperature: 140° ~ 240°

Working Voltage: 100 V-240V

Frequency: 50-60 Hz.

Nozzle Material: Aluminum

Indicator: LED

Plug Type: EU plug/US plug

Glue Sticks Size: 6.8-7.8 mm

Cable Length: 136 cm / 4.46 ft.


timg (11)

Glue Gun Application:

1.The toy model.

2.Artificial flowers,Christmas tree.

3.Decorations,the metals product.

4.The wood product,card paper.

5.Electronics circuit plank ect.

























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