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1) Lithium battery charging
2) Lithium battery protection (short circuit  protection  , over voltage  protection  , under voltage  protection  )
3) Boost output 5v
4) At the same time equipped with universal Micro USB charging interface, direct DC5V input to charge lithium battery
5) Two-color LED indicates the charging status, the green light is always on, and the charging is automatically stopped.
6) The module is equipped with two high quality 18650 battery holders for selection, in-line and patch
7) UPS power failure uninterruptible power supply function
When the power supply is powered, the load is directly supplied by the power supply via the boost circuit.
Once the power is turned off, the battery path is automatically activated to power the load via the boost circuit.
After the power is called, the power is restored from the power supply and the battery is also charged.
Booster board:
The boost section uses switches to control its operation and shutdown, and can also be directly shorted by jumper pads. (The switch needs to be equipped separately)
1. When using as a UPS, the UPS output switch should be shorted, and the output should be turned on in real time. When the power is off, the battery can be powered at any time.
2. As a mobile power supply, it can be connected to the UPS output switch interface. It is turned off when not in use. There is no static loss and it is very energy-saving.
3. If the UPS output switch interface does not need to be connected to the switch, it can also be shorted, and the output indicator light is soldered after all the tests are completed. This can reduce the current consumption of 10 20 mA without affecting the normal output of the circuit, and save power. .
4. During the operation, it is possible that the board will enter the protection state and not output due to various reasons (mistakes, misconnections, etc.). After the problem is removed, the board charging port can be connected to the 5V charging, and the board is re-powered. The re-output can be activated.
5. The 5V charging power supply used by individual users internally uses a large capacitance output capacitor. This capacitor can continue to discharge after the power is cut off, so that the power supply voltage has a slow down process, which will cause the power supply to turn off the board. Did not switch battery power quickly. If you encounter such a situation, you can connect a 1K discharge resistor to the 5V input port.
Second module basic information description:
Module size: 89*22*22.4mm (SMD  battery case )
             89*22*28.5mm (Normal battery case)
             Module mounting hole diameter is 3mm
Input: DC5V
Output 5V: Current up to 1A (charge power should be greater than 1A current output capability).
Load: output positive and negative poles connected to load, load normal state is recommended <5W, transient <8W.
Remark: If the fault occurs after the short circuit is entered, the protection will not be output (lithium battery overcharge protection, over discharge protection, current limit protection, over temperature protection, output short circuit protection), and the 5V charging is automatically activated and re-output.
Note: There are components such as Mos on the board, which are easily damaged by soldering iron or static electricity. Please make sure that the soldering iron used is grounded (and the ground wire is connected). It is best to wear electrostatic gloves.
Three module use:
1) It can be powered by a single battery, and the battery can be plugged in at any time.
2) Applicable to uninterruptible power supply schemes such as low-power DC equipment meters, self-start after power failure, self-charging by call.
3) Not limited to UPS function, can be used for a variety of purposes; fully charged for low-power mobile power, can be used as a temporary emergency charger for lithium batteries
Package Included:
1Pcs 5V 18650 Lithium Battery Boost Step Up Module Battery Protection board



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