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New desoldering Pump is 30W 220V Electric Vacuum Solder, desoldering gun with 2pcs Iron Nozzle, and it is China original desoldering pump. It is lightweight and easy to use, portable, quickly and easily, improve the efficiency. Desoldering Pump Electric Vacuum own Bulky, strong suction, which is a thick film integrated circuit



  • Bulky, strong suction, is a thick film integrated circuit. Can be used independently with one hand.
  • Power 5 minutes after the addition of tin can work for a long time, automatically spit tin.
  • Appearance, novel structure, easy to use and clean desoldering.
  • Electric suction tin can draw the melted solder extremely accurate, smooth disconnect parts.
  • A thick film integrated circuit with strong suction.
  • 100% NEW and high quality.
  • Absorption of tin uses voltage: 220V AC, power 30W, power on, warm 3-5 minutes, pushing the piston handle jammed, smoke tin
  • Department of the intention of seizing the front tip of the solder joints under the component until the solder melting
  • After pressing the control button, solder Jibei breathing pump, the Desoldering pump with two different nozzle diameter, the thickness can be selected according to component lead.
  • For welding, soldering iron and use the same operation.
  • Direction of the arrow will force the upper pump under pressure, and then into the pump and the handle is pulled, pump can be separated by the counter-clockwise rotating nozzle, suction head can be removed,
Package list:
  • 1pcs: Electric Vacuum Solder
  • 2pcs: Iron Nozzl

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