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Technical Specifications

Power : 1800W ( adjustable )

Voltage : 220-240V

Max Staple Speed : 45pcs/min

Weigh ;1.6KG

Nail range :F30/F25/F20/F15/F10




Usages,This product is suitable for indoor decoration,furniture making,Ad.board installation as well as wooden case,model board making E.t.c.

Features of the product

1.The Patent technology features creation and excellency in performance.

2.Small in Size , Light in weight and portable.

3.L ow in working noise , suit for indoor decoration in residencial area.

Operation Instructions

A. Nail Assembly

1.Unplug the unit, to avoid any damage caused.

2.Choose suitable nails.

3.Pull the magazine off , assemble the nails correctly,push the nails forward to the nose,then close the magazine, be sune to lock it firmly.

B.Firing Operation

1. Normally, the tool is only used for wooden nailing together.

2. After assembling the nails,the nose of the nailer is flat against the workpiece and kept in right angle.

3. If the workpiece is too hard to fire in, please press it with more strength and vice versa, so as to keep the nails inside theworkpiece properly in depth.

4. Don't fire the nailer without nails, so as to prevent the parts in the tool from damage.

C.Tool Maintainance

1. Please clean and maintain.the tool regularly, to keep the magazine and the nose of the nailer clean without any dirty.

2. The copper centre section inside. the extension Cord should be more than 1 .25mm,or will decrease the power.

3. Continuously use the tool can cause the motor overheat, Wait until it cools down naturely, then use it again so as not to burn down the motor.

4. Don't dismantle the tool willfully, to avoid it to be damaged.


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