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Packing lsit:1 piece fishing line 

SeaKnight Classic 500M 546YDS Braided Fishing Line 4 Strands 4 Weaves Strong Multifilament PE Line 6LB - 80LB Carp Fishing Line


Thinner, Stronger, Smoother, More Durable
Extremely high strength-per-diameter.
Amazing thin and sensitive high pick-count forroundness and durablity.
Resists "digging in" on reel.
1, Unique Braided Construction
2, Made of ultra-high strength PE fibers
3, Microfibers smooth casting
Product Details:
Brand: SeaKnight
Model: Braided Line    Classic    CL500M
Meters: 500M
Shape: Level
Material: Braided Wire
Buoyancy: Floating 
4 Colors: Red,Yellow,Blue,Green,Gray
Line Number: 0.3;0.4;0.6;0.8;1.0;1.5;2.0;3.0;4.0;5.0;6.0;7.0;8.0#
Basic Parameters:
Line Number 0.3#: 0.08mm / 6LB   / 2.7KG
Line Number 0.4#: 0.10mm / 8LB   / 3.6KG
Line Number 0.6#: 0.12mm / 10LB / 4.5KG
Line Number 0.8#: 0.14mm / 15LB / 6.8KG
Line Number 1.0#: 0.16mm / 20LB / 9.1KG
Line Number 1.5#: 0.20mm / 25LB / 11.3KG
Line Number 2.0#: 0.23mm / 30LB / 13.6KG
Line Number 3.0#: 0.28mm / 35LB / 15.9KG
Line Number 4.0#: 0.32mm / 40LB / 18.1KG
Line Number 5.0#: 0.37mm / 50LB / 22.7KG
Line Number 6.0#: 0.40mm / 60LB / 27.2KG
Line Number 7.0#: 0.45mm / 70LB / 31.8KG
Line Number 8.0#: 0.50mm / 80LB / 36.3KG
Package List: 
1pc * 500M Fishing Line
​Note: Line number is not diameter, please check the chart carefully, and please leave us message if anything confused, thanks!


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