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Product profile:
QD6310Combustible gas detectors are widely used in place of iron smelting factory, chlorine gas, acetylene plant, refrigeration plant, chemical plant, gas station, boiler room, hotel kitchen needs gas fire and explosion.
QD6310Combustible gas detector, using high performance catalytic combustion type, electrochemical gas sensor as the detecting element, the product has the advantages of high sensitivity, fast response time, this product is a shell molding aluminum die-casting, high explosion-proof grade, convenient installation.
QD6310Combustible gas detector can detect combustible gas: natural gas, liquefied gas, methane, butane, propane, gas, hydrogen, acetylene, pentane, alkyne, alkene, alcohol, acetone, toluene, alcohols, hydrocarbons, naphtha, two ether, trimethylamine, turpentine oil, oil, gas, gas, paint benzyl alcohol, two chloro toluene, methyl acetate, aniline, two triethylamine, two vinyl chloride, cyclohexylamine, butene, butyric acid, ethyl acetate, isobutene, three triethylamine and other combustible gases.

Technical parameters:
Catalytic combustion sensor
Detection of gas: combustible gas
Detection range:0-100%LEL(lower explosive limit)
newspaper police Point: low reported:20%LELGao gao:50%LEL
Sampling method: natural diffusion
branch Resolution The rate of:1%LEL
Explosion-proof grade:EXdIICT6
Ambient temperature:40C ~70C
Ambient humidity< 98%RH
electric Source:DC24V 50mA
transport Line three4-20mAStandard signal; bus: four wireRS485Protocol signal
heavy Quantity: About1000g
Exterior dimension:150*150*60mm
Install gongs:G 1/2
Use cable:>1.5mm2 x 3Bus:>1.5mm2 x 4
Matched controller:QD6000

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