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1.Revolutionary Design - 9 (that's right – nine!) strands of MultiTuf PE fibers.
2.Reverse Spiral Winding Technology -  KastKing SuperKast9 is reverse wound so there are no gaps between the wraps!
3.Superior Castability – 9 strands make the SuperKast9 perfectly ROUND!
4.Tougher – Laboratory tests showed SuperKast9 braided fishing line had substantial wear resistance compared to other fishing line brands.
5.KastKing® BioSpools – KastKing® BioSpools are compostable and will deteriorate in soil in eight to twelve months.




Reverse Spiral Winding Technology




KastKing® BioSpool is biodegradable to reduce landfill bulk




Reverse spiral winding fills gaps and generates increased casting distance




Reduced Friction, Smoother through the guides, increased casting distance




Great Knot Strength




Superior Abrasion Resistance




Zero Line Memory




SuperKast9 is color fast to eliminate fading




Zero Stretch

From KastKing, the ICAST (International Convention of Allied Sportfishing Trades, USA) award-winning brand.
The choice of millions of satisfied anglers around the world.

Created Through Extensive R&D
SuperKast9 technology takes fishing with braided lines a step further. An innovative process creates tighter, cleaner wraps without gaps between the wraps, resulting in a braided fishing line that is smoother, rounder, and slides easily through rod guides and over rough surfaces. It is the ultimate addition to your fishing tackle.
Reverse Spiral Winding Technology
SuperKast9, nine strands are wound together in a reverse spiral instead of the traditional “braiding and knotting” as done in ‘regular’ braid. It allows the fibers to work at maximum potential without sacrificing strength.

Superior Castability for More Casting Distance
No gaps between the wraps, less friction through line guides, perfectly round and the best-in-class slick finish make the KastKing SuperKast9 braided fishing lines cast farther than other brands. Reach out to your target with less effort.

Maximum Durability
KastKing9 braided lines feature incredible abrasion resistance for less breakoffs when fishing around heavy cover and hard structure such as rocks, pilings, oyster beds, and submerged branches. Destructive laboratory tests approved.

Hi-Tech for Extreme Conditions
KastKing SuperKast9 is more abrasion resistant than other PE line on the market. We use our MultiTuf, a proprietary Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene braided line formula, to create a super line that is smoother and tougher to withstand extreme fishing conditions.

Pro Angler Approved
We put SuperKast9, nine strand braided fishing lines on the reels of professional fishing guides, charter captains, tournament winners, and independent testers. The results were clear – KastKing SuperKast9 casted farther and had greater endurance than other brand braid lines.  

Fish with SuperKast9 Anywhere
SuperKast9 superior braided line is ideal for distance, saltwater surf casting, jetty fishing, pier fishing, bass fishing around heavy cover, ice fishing, trout fishing in rocky freshwater, boat fishing, kayak fishing, or any other type of fishing.

KastKing SuperKast9 takes braided fishing line to a new performance level. SuperKast9 braided line exceeds expectations.


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