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Brand: JOF Braided Fishing Line

Strands: 8 Strands / 4 Strands (Optional)

Lengths: 300M / 500M / 1000M (Optional)

Shape: Level

Buoyancy: Floating

Numbers: [1.0] [2.0] [3.0] [4.0] [5.0] [6.0] [8.0]

Test(LB)for 8 Strands:[22] [31] [39] [43] [52] [41] [78]

Test(LB)for 4 Strands:[18] [28] [35] [40] [50] [60] [80]


JOF PE braided fishing line, smoother, stronger and more durable. 

1, New advanced wide-angle technology - to create a super smooth line.

2, Excellent strength and toughness - make fishing fun more lasting

3, Long and fast casting - smoother water cut performance than the previous generation

4, Super sensitive - instantly feel the structure and blow

5, Improve color fastness - make the fishing line more durable and bright.
Incredible wear resistance and knot strength

Reliable and powerful pull value protection

Round and smooth design increases casting distance and overall weldability

Very low memory - easy to project and process

Zero tension creates a highly sensitive and excellent fishing line

Package Included

1pc x Fishing Line
详图---副本-(3)-恢复的-恢复的-恢复的_01 详图---副本-(3)-恢复的-恢复的-恢复的_02 详图---副本-(3)-恢复的-恢复的-恢复的_03 详图---副本-(3)-恢复的-恢复的-恢复的_04 详图---副本-(3)-恢复的-恢复的-恢复的_05 详图---副本-(3)-恢复的-恢复的-恢复的_06 详图---副本-(3)-恢复的-恢复的-恢复的_07 详图---副本-(3)-恢复的-恢复的-恢复的_08 详图---副本-(3)-恢复的-恢复的-恢复的_09 详图---副本-(3)-恢复的-恢复的-恢复的_10 详图---副本-(3)-恢复的-恢复的-恢复的_11 详图---副本-(3)-恢复的-恢复的-恢复的_12 详图---副本-(3)-恢复的-恢复的-恢复的_13 详图---副本-(3)-恢复的-恢复的-恢复的_14 详图---副本-(3)-恢复的-恢复的-恢复的_15 详图---副本-(3)-恢复的-恢复的-恢复的_16

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