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Name: small Bell

Material: Pure Wood + alloy

Specifications: about 12.5 long and 3.5 in diameter


Suitable age: more than 6 months
How to use: the bell is also called "bell", two for one pair.
The bell is made of brass, and the tone is crisp and sweet, such as the silver bell. Each of the left and right hands holds one, hitting each other to make a crisp sound. The baby can be touched by mom and dad to attract the baby's attention and listening training. Dabao will knock on his own, exercise and move the baby's small hands.
Baby use: can train children's hearing and strengthen children's music training.

Game purpose:
1. Let the baby experience wonderful music during playing and tapping;
2. Exercise your baby's ability to use hands and brains, and use hands and brains to cooperate;
3, cultivate baby's thinking ability and imagination ability, let the baby create fun in the process of playing;
4. Improve the baby's musical sentiment and stimulate the baby's love character.



It can also allow children to pat their body parts with music, which also helps the baby to establish and develop the ability of divergent thinking. In addition, by tapping the body rhythmically, the baby's control over arm muscles is increased and fine movements are better completed.

Promote baby coordination ability
Children's Health Education experts suggest that babies who do not speak also know how to express their thoughts with music. If you use "Ding Dong" to express the alarm clock, use "bang" to express the closing. Appropriate daily contact with percussion can effectively enhance the baby's understanding and coordination of rhythm, and promote the baby's physical and emotional development.

Experts suggest that random clapping, stomping and tapping parts of the body can play different rhythms. The beating of this body part also accelerates the blood circulation of the body, promotes the metabolism of the human body, and also plays a role in strengthening the body. Therefore, experts suggest that parents play the game of beating the body with the baby every day to encourage the baby to pat all parts of their body and enrich the baby's music experience.


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