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1. Tel: 13989727741

Our products! All products are factory prices, excluding taxes, if you need a ticket tax point buyer. Our factory has sufficient goods and products, but because it is () and (the network sells at the same time), the best-selling models will inevitably encounter out-of-stock situations. If customers and friends urgently need to ask for goods, contact us in time to avoid unnecessary trouble.

If the buyer's friend can wait in time, we will keep the delivery time of 1-7 days after the buyer's friend pays, and we will communicate with the buyer's friend in time to send the goods as soon as possible. If you encounter a transaction that is already impossible (if the cycle is too long and the goods are out of stock is serious), we will inform the buyer and friend to refund. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused to buyers and friends! Sincerely look forward to the next time!


2. And delivery!


: 3-5 days to, aneng, distribution.

Train Express: 4-7 days to arrive, regional gap, real-time prevail, (fax bill of lading to pick up the goods); suitable for large quantities of goods, cheap, (suitable for products below)

Express: 7-10 days to arrive, suitable for areas that are less than the train, self-taken, can be delivered to the door, the cost is negotiable. Remarks: our factory: (aneng )()

The transportation time will be different due to regional differences. The above time is for reference only. Please refer to the actual arrival time.

Due to different regions and product sizes, it cannot be unified. The product is marked as a reference, please consult us before shooting, we will give the actual according to the region and product size and weight.

3. Goods and receiving problems!

Customers must carefully check whether the goods, packaging and product appearance are intact and the quantity is short when receiving the goods. If any problems are found! Do not pick up the goods first, please contact 13989727741 in time. Once the goods are signed, it means that the two parties have no dispute over the appearance, quantity and accessories of the goods, and no longer bear any responsibility for the shortage of goods and transportation damage.

4. Description of goods!

Since online shopping can only be based on pictures and text descriptions, all products in our factory are handmade and mechanical, and minor errors are inevitable. The specific standards are subject to the real thing. Note: (customers with high product standards! Please purchase carefully)

5 .!

Thank you very much for purchasing our products. We will sincerely serve every customer! For non-product quality problems, customers who require products should bear the responsibility of buyers and friends back and forth. Postage is borne for products that do have quality problems. The product should be guaranteed to be damaged by no factor or other unexpected factors, and the appearance should be free of wear. the packing box and its accessories are complete. If there is any violation or lack, it is not within the warranty and scope.

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