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Star Terron astronomical telescope accessories
Automatic search telescope RS232 connection data cable 1 m 2 m and so on
Applicable to: the United States Starteon automatic looking for telescope upgrade for the whole Chinese
NexStar + Handheld Language Pack (Chinese Beta1.0) Upgrade tutorial is as follows:
one. Hardware preparation:
1) NexStar + one hand
2) original telescope base a (that is, need to upgrade the NexStar + hand control base)
3) RS232 RJ-11 serial line one
4) with a serial interface (that is, serial) a computer, notebook can also (notebook with a serial model less, it is recommended to use desktop upgrades, such as no serial computer, you can also use USB to RS232 serial cable, then Computerized USB end upgrade)
two. Software preparation:
1) operating platform XP, Win7 test can be, IOS and Linux have not yet tested, the majority of the same with a good feedback, can tell us
2) Version 6.0 and higher JAVA, download URL: http: //
3) NexStar + multilingual packs,
Download name: NexStar + manual language language pack and upgrade tutorial. Rar (decompression available tutorial
And NexStar + multi-language package. Zip), download URL:
three. Connection preparation:
1) After installing JAVA, will download the upgrade language pack NexStar + multi-language package.
Compressed (must be decompressed to run, such as running in a compressed package, will cause a run error
Use WinRAR extract, other decompression software, may not be able to extract ZIP)
2) in the decompression folder visible CFM.jar, double click it (if you can not run after double-click, that JAVA is not installed or not installed successfully, please try to download and install), there will be prompted Steps:
Step 1 is not connected to the controller connection and open the base
Step 2 Click Forward
Step 3 Connect the serial cable to the lower part of the manual and access the serial port of the computer
Step 4 Press and hold the key combination
Step 5 A matching character appears on the screen
four. Start the upgrade
Follow the prompts to connect the manual and open the base, you can start the upgrade step
Step 1 Select the base type, and the gray frame is your telescope series name
Step 2 Click Forward
Step 3 Start the upgrade interface
Step 4 Upgrade the completion interface
Step 5 After the upgrade is complete, you can close the base, and then hold down the left side of the manual LOGO button, and then open the base, there will be up and down rolling the text interface, and then open the base, there will be up and down rolling text interface and then Chinese characters when displayed by key 1 (of course, if necessary, can also choose other numeric keys, use other languages)
And then press the ENTER key to confirm, then will enter the series celestron telescope Chinese interface
Chinese upgrade success!
Note: If the upgrade selection error, select the wrong base and language pack, you can also rise
Level success (do not power off and unplug the connection during the upgrade process), but may not be the base you want
Or language version, at this time, do not worry, just delete the previous operation of the extract folder (such as
Do not delete, still use the previous folder to upgrade the file, may lead to automatic upgrade manual,
This will not be able to change the previous wrong base and language version information), with the downloaded archive
And then extract the time, and then repeat the previous steps, select the option and then upgrade once.
The upgraded language pack for the Beta1.0 version, finished language and the internal menu may still not
Enough, with the majority of the same in the use, and found any problems and problems, you can timely anti
To us so that we can correct it later.



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