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OriginalNinebot One E+ single one wheel smart self balancing scooter electric monowheel wheelbarrow hover board LG  battery skateboard  
(35 km cruising/waterproof IP54/Remote control)
......Due to recent incident about Hoverboard battery issues......
We recommend top brands only--to prevent safety hazards
The unit can provide hours of skateboarding fun for children and adults of all ages.
Celebrities such as Justin Bieber & Chris Brown have invested in the unit for their enjoyment.
Best Gift 2017
How to install  the "Ninebot" APP?                                                                                                                                
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Ninebot is remote control software designed specifically for Ninebot self-balancing vehicles. Riders can wirelessly connect their phones with a Ninebot via Bluetooth and manage their dashboard, vehicle information, remote control and other settings. The `Dashboard` provides the rider information on speed, mileage, run time and temperature. It can also turn the Ninebot`s motor on/off and lock/unlock it. Riders may also set parameters on the `Setting` page for speed, light, sound and so on.


Ninebot is a remote control software for Ninebot self-balancing vehicle. Users can wirelessly connect their phones with Ninebot via Blue tooth. It has the function of dashboard, detail of info, remote control and settings.
The Dashboard page can show the current speed, mileage, temperature, running time, it also has the function of shutting on/off motors, locking/unlocking Ninebot.
Users can check all the detailed information on the Detail of Info page, including temperature, mileage, running time and so on. Users can have remote control on the Blue tooth control page, realizing move forward/backward and turn direction.
Users can set all the parameters on the Setting page, including speed, light, sound and so on.
Note: Due to the fact that Ninebot is equipped with a new generation of Blue tooth 4.0, Android users` phones must support Blue tooth 4.0and carry an android system of version 4.3 or above.

How to Use the "Ninebot" APP?                                                                                                                                
Product Introduction                                                                                                                                                    
Brand: Ninebot One E+
Battery: LG
Best Brand in the world
their product are not only for consumers but also for
Police/Government & Military/Security/Emergency Response
Lightweight Magnesuim-aluminium alloy
(structural material in common use in aviation and space)
possesses stronger impact resistance and load capability with anti-corrosion coating.
IP54 waterproof to have good performance in wet ground, sand
Inductive LED Rainbow Sets: Driving lamp, taillight, turn signal lamp, brake lamp.
Software Support: Download "Ninebot" From Android/iOS store
Smart App: Remote control, alarm system, instrument panel,
car conditional diagnose 360 degree to adjust speed and directions,
30 km Long time endurance with smart battery system.
Can be remotely locked and comes with anti-theft alarm.
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