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1. Preparation before use: 

● Insert the battery: Pull the battery cover gently, and then load the 7th battery of the 7th battery according to the positive and negative positions.

● Prepare the electrode: Gently remove the protective paper from the patch. After use, attach the protective paper to the electrode patch.

●Electrode position: Wipe the area to be treated with a wet towel, remove the oil stains and perspiration, and then directly attach the electrode sheet to the treatment site. The two electrode sheets should be placed on the body surface at the same time, otherwise the treatment cannot be performed, and the electrode sheets do not need to be placed symmetrically. .

2, the specific operation method:
● Turn on the power: press the switch, the LCD screen is turned on, and the treatment treatment mode indicator arrow points to the impact mode, at this time the intensity is 0, timing 30 minutes.
●Select treatment mode: Press the function selection button to choose acupuncture, hammering, massage, cupping, massage, scraping, and six treatment modes.
●Adjustment intensity: Press the intensity adjustment button to adjust to the appropriate intensity.
● Timing selection: you can choose 5-30 minutes, each time you press 5 minutes
3. Some precautions in use:
● If you need to use it again, please press the switch key again and repeat the above steps.
● During the treatment, if you change the treatment mode, the intensity will automatically default to 0. In this case, you only need to re-adjust your appropriate intensity.
● In the course of treatment, if you change the treatment site, that is, change the position of the electrode, you should first press the switch key, then turn off the power and then follow the above steps.
● If the treatment is stopped, please press the switch key first, then remove the electrode after shutting down.
4, product storage and maintenance methods:
● cleaning the host: wipe with a soft cloth, use thinner, gasoline or volatile liquids.
●Cleaning the electrode: The material on the electrode sheet can be wiped with a damp cloth, or immediately rinsed with water and then dried and reused.
● Storage: Place the therapy device in a place that is not accessible to children. It should be away from moisture, high temperature, direct sunlight and water splashes. Remove the battery if it is not used for a long time

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