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Long Cycle LiFe Aluminum Electric Bike 48V Lithium Battery Packs 48V 10Ah LiFePO4 Rear Rack Ebike Battery and 30A BMS + Track


Notice : The rack is BLACK Color not Silver color , please kindly notice .



Battery Type 48V 10Ah
Rated Voltage  48V  
Rated Capacity  10.5Ah
Source Resistance(mΩ) ≤40mΩ
Cell Cell's type  lifepo4 cell 
3.2V 1500mAh 18650 cells
Cell Combination 16S7P
Cell Quantity 112 pcs
Charger Charge Mode CC/CV
Standard Charge Current 2A (5 hours)
Fast Charge Current  5A  (2 hours)
Charge Cutoff Voltage 58.4V
Cell OverCharge Protection Voltage 3.65V/Cell
Charger Port  DC port 
Discharge Continuous Discharge Current  30A (1440w)
Max Continuous Discharge Current  40A (2000w)
Peak Discharge Current  60A (2880W)
Discharge Cutoff Voltage 40V
Cell Overdischarge Protection Voltage 2.5V/Cell
Discharge Port Type Anderson Port,.....
Working Temperature Charge Temperature 0~45°C
Discharge Temperature -20~65°C
Cycle Life 4000 times at 80% DOD , 2000 times at 100% DOD
Safety Test Short Circuit Safety Test  no fires , no explosion
Overcharge Safety Test
Crush Safety Test 
Needing Safety Test 
Extrusion Safety Test 
Fit for Motor  1440W
Dimension (L*W*H) 360*150*80mm
Weight  around 5 kgs
Certifications  CE,UL,ROSH, UN38.3,MSDS
Application  Electric Tools
Retention of charge ≥95%  (store in one month)
BMS function 

Over-Current Protection,

Over-Discharge Protection,

Over-Charge Protection,

Short-Circuit Protection,


Warranty  13months

1.DO NOT  dispose in fire or heat or water.

2.DO NOT puncture, damage, and disassemble.

3.DO NOT mix new batteries with used batteries.

Package Include

1 × LiFePO4 Lithium Battery Pack

1 × BMS System inside

1 × 2A  Charger





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Black Aluminum Cased 36V 10Ah Electric Bike Li Ion Battery Rear Rack 36V 13Ah LiFePO4 Battery with Charger  .jpg


Detail pictures 

 48V 20AH  (1)















..FedEx/DHL/UPS/TNT for samples, Door-to-Door

.. By Air or By Sea for batch goods for FCL. Airport/Sea Port receiving if you have big orders 

.. Customers Specifying Freight forwarders or Negotiable Shipping Methods

.. Delivery time: 3-7 Days Upon payment receipt


Payment Term 

.. MOQ: 1 Piece

.. Warranty: 13 months


 Black Aluminum Cased 36V 10Ah Electric Bike Li Ion Battery Rear Rack 36V 13Ah LiFePO4 Battery with Charger   . jpg




 Black Aluminum Cased 36V 10Ah Electric Bike Li Ion Battery Rear Rack 36V 13Ah LiFePO4 Battery with Charger .jpg


Black Aluminum Cased 36V 10Ah Electric Bike Li Ion Battery Rear Rack 36V 13Ah LiFePO4 Battery with Charger .jpg









Our service 

1. We have 10 years experience in Battery field

2. Fast service to customers within 24 hours

3. A professional Engineering Team to offer Best Solution to you

4. Genuine Battery Capacity, no Fake

5. 100% QC Inspection before Delivery

6. Business Partners from all over the World

7. Rich Experience in Battery Field

8. 13 months warranty ,after-sales




 Test quality 


1, We are not only sell batteries, but also provide expertise to help customer design their own custom batteries.

2, For the raw material: We used Ni1/3Co1/3Mn1/3 positive pole material for electric bike battery. The name is Ternary Li ion battery (Li-NiCoMn). It has high energy density, deep cycle performance, long cycle life (>1000times 1.0C, IEC standrad) and with lower cost. It is the newest generation Li-ion rechargeable battery for high power applications, such as EV car, E-scooter and E-bike.

3, Strict Quality Control: Cell test and battery pack test before producing & delivering.

As usual, we produced a batch of cells, and need do below test firstly.

a) capacity test, b) high current discharge test, c) low temperature test, d) cycle performance test, e) short circuit test, f) overcharge test, g) crush test, h) impact test, i) vibration test, j) hot test.

Black Aluminum Cased 36V 10Ah Electric Bike Li Ion Battery Rear Rack 36V 13Ah LiFePO4 Battery with Charger  .jpg

After the cell is passed test, we will build the pack as below procedure.

a) inner resistance test, b) capacity grading, c) cells welding, d) cells combination, e) welding BMS & cable, f) high & low temperature test, g) charging & discharge test, 10times cycle. h) packing, i) drop test, j) delivery.

Black Aluminum Cased 36V 10Ah Electric Bike Li Ion Battery Rear Rack 36V 13Ah LiFePO4 Battery with Charger  .jpg


Our factory

We are specialized in Li ion battery, LiFePO4, Li-NiCoMn, LiCoO2, LiNiO2, and LiMn2O4 battery with 12 year experience.

We are not only sell batteries, but also provide expertise to help customer design their own custom batteries. Our sales and engineers have more than 10 years experience, if you have any design or inquiry, please just message us, our engineers will work with you to provide you best solutions.


Black Aluminum Cased 36V 10Ah Electric Bike Li Ion Battery Rear Rack 36V 13Ah LiFePO4 Battery with Charger  .jpg

Black Aluminum Cased 36V 10Ah Electric Bike Li Ion Battery Rear Rack 36V 13Ah LiFePO4 Battery with Charger .jpg







About lithium battery 

Because of this we opted for the top of line Li-NMC (LiNiMnCoO2) battery. These batteries have efficiency per weight compared to sealed dry lead batteries of 6 to 1. In other words our 6.5 kg battery has the same power output as a bank of dry cell Lead acid weighing 40+kg. Wow !!!

In a world where electric vehicles are ruled by weight, you can see why we opted for the  Li-NMC batteries.

Black Aluminum Cased 36V 10Ah Electric Bike Li Ion Battery Rear Rack 36V 13Ah LiFePO4 Battery with Charger  .jpg


Li-NMC batteries have a typical discharge / recharge cycle rate at 80% Depth of Discharge* of over 1000 cycles and at 50% Depth of Discharge this can increase again further to 1200-1500 cycles.. The trick to ensuring maximum cycle recharges is to ensure that you have plenty of capacity to start with. Using a battery that only has minimal capacity reserve will take you to the limit and stress your battery out, effectively reducing its serviceable life and in the case of dry cell lead acid batteries this could be months instead of years. In our research some competitors have only been achieving 3 months of battery life using dry cell batteries due to the excessive loads applied to them.



The NMC cells compromise between high current rate and high capacity rate. The NMC cells provide higher energy density with lower cost,

long cycle life (>1000 1.0C, IEC standrad).

NMC cell has 3.6 +/- 0.5V nominal working voltage and shall be cut-off power at 4.15-4.20V per cell during charging.


The secret of NMC lies in combining nickel and manganese. An analogy of this is table salt, in which the main ingredients of sodium and chloride are toxic on their own but mixing them serves as seasoning salt and food preserver. Nickel is known for its high specific energy but low stability; manganese has the benefit of forming a spinel structure to achieve very low internal resistance but offers a low specific energy. Combining the metals brings out the best in each.



NMC is the battery of choice for power tools and powertrains for vehicles. The cathode combination of one-third nickel, one-third manganese and one-third cobalt offers a unique blend that also lowers raw material cost due to reduced cobalt 


content. Striking the right balance is important and we keep their recipes a well-guarded secret. below figure demonstrates the characteristics of the NMC.

Black Aluminum Cased 36V 10Ah Electric Bike Li Ion Battery Rear Rack 36V 13Ah LiFePO4 Battery with Charger .jpg


How to select the correct battery pakc (General Knowledge) ?


First of all, you must get to know your device:

What is device's input voltage? ( V)

What is its power consumption ( Wattage ) ?

What is Maximum current drain ( A) ?

What is your expected running time by a battery pack ?

Decide battery pack voltage you will choose

Battery pack voltage must be equal or a little higher than your device’s need.

If you need a exact voltage, which battery pack can not provide, you may consider to use a DC-DC regulator

Decide Battery pack's Capacity  ( mAh or Ah)

Battery capacity is depended on how long you need to run your device ( hours ), which can be calculated as the follow:

( Ah) = Device's Wattage (W) x Time to run ( Hours) / Battery Voltage (V)

For example, if using a 12V battery pack, and run 10W DC device for 10 hours, you need choose a battery pack with capacity > 8.3Ah, e.g (10x10)/12 = 8.3

1000 mAh = Ah,  higher mAh will provide longer running time.

Decide Battery pack’s Max. discharging current

Before order battery pack, you must pay attention on battery pack’s Max. discharging rating on the specification or description. Please don’t think any battery can take any current drain.

You shall know your device’s max. discharging current. If you don’t know , you must measure it by a multi-meter.

The battery pack’s Max. discharging rate of the chosen Battery must be higher than that device requires



How to Maintain Lithium Battery


Greenworks 24V Deep Cycle E-Bike Battery 24 Volt Lithium Battery Pack with Customized 12V 40Ah Battery

Lithium batteries are presently the most commonly used energy storage devices on electric bike, electric scooter, golf car, mobile phones, laptops, digital cameras and other electric devices. Learning how to maintain lithium batteries can not only prolong battery lifetime but also protect your device from potential damage.

1. Charge new batteries. It's not necessary to charge over 12 hours when first used. When a device powered by batteries is purchased, sellers will usually tell us the batteries must first be charged 12 hours before using. Actually, this is unnecessary. Unlike common Ni-CD or Ni-MH batteries, most lithium ion batteries are activated before leaving the factory. Due to their low self-discharge, it’s unnecessary to charge lithium ion batteries for such a long time when new. Lithium ion batteries are ready for use when the charger indicates so, and they will reach their best capacity after 3 or 5 cycles.

2. Use appropriate chargers. Many people take great care with their electronic gadgets, but often neglect the consequences of bad chargers on their lithium ion batteries. When choosing a charger, the original charger is the best choice. If that's unavailable, a high quality charger that has an overcharge protection function, or a brand name charger will do. A low quality battery charger can lead to shorter run times, premature battery failure, or even fire or explosion.

3. Avoid frequently over charging. Over charging with a low quality charger may let the battery's interior rise to a high temperature, which is bad for the lithium ion battery and charger. Thus, simply fully charging is good enough - overcharging will make your lithium battery into a little bomb if overcharge protection function is missing.

4. Avoid touching metal contacts. All batteries' contacts need to be kept clean for best performance. When carrying batteries around, do not let the contacts touch metal objects such as keys; this could cause a short circuit, damaging the battery or potentially resulting in a fire or an explosion.

5. Avoid using often in high or low temperature environments. Lithium ion batteries have optimal working and storage temperatures. If they're continually used in extreme temperature environments, this will negatively affect battery use time and useful cycles.

6. Avoid long periods without using or recharging. If batteries will be left unused for 3 months or more, partially recharge them (to around 30-70% of capacity, depending on planned storage time), then store the device to prevent battery damage. You may need to take the device out of storage and charge again after a few month 




What 10 Tips should be note when using Lithium ion battery?



Do not immerse the battery in water or seawater, and keep the battery in a cool dry surrounding if it stands by.

Does not use or leave the battery near a heat source as fire or heater

Use the battery charger specifically for that purpose when recharging.

Do not reverse the position and negative terminals.

Do not connect the battery electrodes to an electrical outlet.

Do not discard the battery in fire or a heater.

Do not short-circuit the battery by directly connecting the positive and negative terminals with metal objects.

Do not transport or store the battery together with metal objects such as hairpins, necklaces, etc.

Do not strike, trample or throw the battery.

Do not directly solder the battery and pierce the battery with a nail or other sharp objects.


Q: What type of this 48v 10ah battery ?

A: It is li ion battery,Chemical is Li(NiCoMn)O2.


Q: What is the difference between li ion battery,NI-MH battery and Lead acid battery?

A: Ebike Li-ion battery have longer cycle life,normal cyclelife is 600-800times, and also with light weight,small size, No memory effect,Nontoxic, environmental friendly.


Q: What kind of cells used on this electric bike battery 48v 10ah lithium battery ?

A: Different capacity with different cells, we make the battery with original A grade S amsung,P anasonic,S anyo,L G and high quality domestic cells,all can be customized as your requests.


Q: Do your 48v 10ah lifepo4 battery come with charger?

A: All of our electric bike battery 48v 10ah come with charger.

We have normal charger and fast charger.If you need fast charger please contact with us.


Q: Do your battery 48v 10ah comes with BMS?

A: Yes, Our batteries all with SEIKO IC BMS, with stable performance.Which can protect the battery avoid short circuit,Overcharged,Overdischarge and Overcurrent.


Q: Do your battery lithium ion 48v 10ah come with quality warranty?

A: Yes, we provide 1 year warranty for all triangle electric bicycle batteries.


Q: What's your delivery time ?

A: the 48v 10ah battery will be sent out within 7 days after confirmed order,shipping will cost 3-15days,it depend on quantity and which battery you need.


Q: Can you provide OEM and ODM service?

A: Yes, We are a professional Electric Bike Battery manufacture with factory, which produce all kind of high quality Ebike lithium batteries as customers' requirements and designs, welcome to place OEM and ODM orders and visit our factory.




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