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1 The fishing line is soft, and it swings naturally in the water. It combines with the artificial bait, which is more attractive.
2 By surface fluorocarbon coating, the fishing line will be softer, smoother, wear-resistant and strong in tension.
3 Antioxidant treatment of surface layer of fishing line, effectively protecting the fishing line, extending the use of fishing line.
4 The diameter of the line is very standard, and the line will not absorb water for a long time, so the fishing signal is more obvious.
5 This fishing line is so smooth that it can be into the water quickly with less friction, which can significantly reduce its traction force underwater.
6 The pull of this fishing line is high and uneasy to break, so it can meet most of your need of daily fishing.
With Scale or Not:No
With Ruler or Not:No
Sports Type:Fishing
Type:Leader Line
Size:As the picture shows
Buoyancy Characteristic:Sink Tip Floating Line
Position:Stream,Reservoir Pond,Lake,Ocean Rock Fshing,River,Ocean Beach
Size Chart:
Package included:
1* nylon fishing line

YZ1183 (13)YZ1184 (7)YZ1185 (10)YZ1186 (14)YZ1187 (9)YZ1183 (1)YZ1183 (23)YZ1183 (3)YZ1183 (2)YZ1183 (6)YZ1183 (14)YZ1183 (15)YZ1183 (20)YZ1184 (1)YZ1184 (16)YZ1185 (1)YZ1185 (14)YZ1185 (2)YZ1186 (9)YZ1186 (17)YZ1186 (1)YZ1187 (1)YZ1187 (5)YZ1187 (6)YZ1187 (7)YZ1187 (8)YZ1187 (12)

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