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UV-A: dual channel, UV-365 and UV-420 probe
UV-B: single channel, UV-254 probe
UV-B: dual channel, UV-254 and UV-297 probe
V-M: channel four, 254, 297, 365 peak wavelength, 420 nm

UV-B type UV radiometer using SMT chip technology, with high precision and low power digital chip, instrument shell is a streamlined design, and strict angle detector by the spectral characteristic correction, stable performance, strong applicability. The UV irradiance measurement instrument suitable for Sterilization, lithography, UV light, water treatment, medical treatment and breeding

  Product features :

The following are the same as the "  * Spectra and angular characteristics after rigorous correction
* Digital LCD display with backlight
* Manual / automatic range switching
* Digital output interface (USB redundant power supply)
* Low battery alert
* Automatic shutdown delay
* The number
* Touch buttons, buzzer prompt

The main technical indicators:

Model UV-297 UV-254
The probe (two choose one):
UV-297nm probe
UV-254 nm probe
The measurement range and peak wavelength :
A: (275 ~ 330) nm ;. P = 297nm
A: (230 ~ 275) nm ;. P = 254 nm
Ultraviolet band region of stray light:
UV297: less than 0.05%
UV254: less than 0.1%
Irradiance measurement range:
(0.1 to 199.9 * 10) 3 W / cm) 2
The relative error of indication:
+ 10% (compared with NIM)
Angle response characteristics:
+ 5% (alpha less than or equal to 10 degrees)
Linear error:
+ 1%
Short term stability:
+ 1% (on 30min)
Response time:
The use of the environment:
Temperature (0 ~ 40 DEG C), the humidity is lower than 85% RH
Size and weight:
160 mm * 78 mm * 43 mm; 0.2 kg
Power Supply:
6F22 9V battery pack a
Can also use the data cable to connect the USB interface, 5V power adapter power supply
Total power consumption


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