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YIHUA 995D New Bga Rework Soldering Station Hot Air Gun Soldering for Welding Repair Electric iron tool Set SMD Rework Station

* 3 memory storage;
* C/ F temperature display mode;
* Iron sleep function;
* Temperature correction;
*Hot air gun auto / manual mode.

Parcel accessories value package

* One iron heating element
* One hot air heating element
* 5 pieces iron tips
* 4 mass nozzles
Upgrade vision hot air gun handle
We adopt pluggable hot air gun handle,easy to replce and install than old one.
Upgrade vision iron stand
We add IRON TIPS SLOT and HANGING TIN HOLDER,user-friendly design, the appearance of more high-end atmosphere
Fahrenheit and Celsius Mode
It is designed for suitable for different regions of the temperature display needs,switch simple and convenient.

Iron Sleep Function (Available for Setting 0-99 Minutes) 1.Be static and excess the set sleep time; 2.Start dormancy, temperature down to 200℃; 3.When it reached 200℃,iron tip greatly reduces to be oxidized; 4.Gentle shaking iron, temperature quickly rises to the set temperature.

Our air guns have two working modes and are highly efficient to use
Automatic mode
Pick up the spray gun, the temperature rises to the working state; put down the handle, the temperature drops, and the spray gun enters the sleep standby state;
The automatic function of the air gun is suitable for working conditions where the air gun is not used frequently, which saves energy and reduces the loss of the heating element of the air gun.
Manual mode
The heat gun is always in working condition, and its manual function is suitable for frequently used working conditions, which can save heating and cooling time and improve work efficiency.
Temperature Calibration Function ( ±50℃ )
Only 4 Steps to correct soldering iron temperature
 Step 1
When the temperature up to set value,press the * and iron switch for 2 seconds;
 Step 2
Detection temperature;
 Step 3
Input the real temperature via temperature adjustable button;
 Step 4
press * is ok
Note:If correct the hot air temperature,please press hot air switch,other steps as soldering iron.
Patent Technology of Our hot air gun handle
Our fan add rotary speed detection.If something is wrong,the fan will stop heating automatic to protect the hot air handle.This design is increased safety factor.
Long life&big volume fan in hot air handle
The hot air handle bracket with induction system,if put the hot air handle on bracket,it will cool automatic and standby.To pick up the hot air handle then temp raise up automatic.
YIHUA products adopts high temperature resistant flame-retardant material to mold separately, the round handle feel good and more suitable for ergonomic design.
Anti-folding line tail and thermal windows opening clear and uniform, dimensional design not only can loose heat,but also to dust.
YIHUA long steel tube air gun equiped with screw type air nozzle,it's suitabl for wide application.
Our handle and the wind muzzle adopt high temperature flame retardant environmental protection materials, its cost higher thousands of RMB than ordinary materials .
(Some businessmen only wind muzzle ring used this material)
High power iron heating element
1.Double panel circuit board
Both sides have copper connected joint,welding,seldom appreas false welding.It's not easy to be damaged,higher stability ability.
2.Reliable anti-static grounding design to eliminate the hidden safety problems.
3.Insulating silicone sleeve to protect the connecting wire from contacting the metal parts of the iron to make iron more secure.
4.High power 60W imported heating element,heating faster than small power soldering iron.

We always adopt high tempeature silicon cord for soldering iron handle,super pliable!

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