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Input Voltage :                110-240Vac  

Frequency/current:   47-63Hz / 6.5A

Charge voltage:                29.2 V

Charge current:                  10 A

Charge method:               CC/CV

Working Temperature:  0°C to 45°C

Storage Temperature:   -20°C to 50°C

Charging voltage  rated :  29.2 ± 0.3 V

Charging Current  rated :  10 ± 0.5 A

Input pulg/Output pulg : Refer to the following plug pictures

******Charge Voltage and Current can be customized by Customers requirement.

If you cannot find what you need,Please Leave Words of Input AC Plug And Output DC Plug,

Like: 'AC:Number 5,DC:G',Thank You!!!

Input plug                                                                                                            

 Output plug                                                                                                          

 Applications type:                                                                                                

FOR Nominal Voltage 24V, Rated Capicaty:10Ah- 35Ah battery pack, 24V electric bike

UPS powers (8 serieLifepo4 lithium Battery pack), Rechargeable Battery, LifePO4 Battery,Electric Tools,

Garden Power Tools,Cleaning machine,Ebike,Golf cart ,Electric Scooter,ntelligent Balance Car Folding Bicycle ,UPS Power Supply etc.





Stable MTBF:> 30000 H,

Excellent reliability,Dual current sharing scheme employed, the way in which when damaged,

  only half the charging current, can continue to use.

Small Size: 205 * 121 * 50mm

Light Weight: 1.2kg

Delivery Time: 2-5 working days

Material:Metal Aluminium Case

After-sales service: 36months Warranty

Protection function: Over voltage / Over temperature / Over current / Short circuit and Polarity

The indicator of LED: Red is charging, green is charge finished or prepare charging

Light, Small, Stable, High-Efficiency, Safe, etc.Precise limit of voltage & current, qualified fully charged

and avoid over charge



  FIG charging curve  



 Detailed Images                                                                                                   YZPOWER

Main Parts

1) Input and output filter electrolytic capacitor use

withstandtemperatures -40 to +105℃,with Low

Impedance ,High reliability,Long useful life,High

rip-ple capability,etc features.

2)  Input Bridge KBP406 rectifiers Can withstand

average Forward Rectified Current 4A,peak forward

surge current 130A,Bl-ocking Voltage 600VDC

3) The main power transformer adopts EC40

core, PC40 material,High efficiency, low iron

loss,Enough power capacity,Have sufficient

power margin.

4) Using aluminum heat sink,Good thermal

design,can better cool the power device, 

Consistent with the principle of hot air flow,extend

 the service life.

PCB Parts

Using SMD components,automated mass production

by machine,Reduce manual errors, improveproduct

quality.Voltage conversion parts, With Cycle-by-Cycle

Current Limiting, soft start function, with ESD Protection.

Charge control circuit,Using precision voltage comparator,

Precise control of the charging voltage and current,With

overcharge protection,over current protection,as well as

output short circuit protection.



 Our Service                                                                                                                

Pre-Sales Service

Tell us about your battery type, features,

Professional sales manager for you Offer,

transport, delivery period and other issues.
Let our professional engineers recommend

the right charger for you.

After-Sales Service

  Products provide three-year warranty.
  <8 hours response to customer complaints.
  < 24 hours to propose a solution.

  Professional engineers, unlimited number of

  technical advice.



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