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Shell name: small bell with rope

Baby material: Alloy

Baby specifications: the diameter of the clock is about 3.5
The sound is crisp and sweet, which can train children's hearing and strengthen the cultivation of children's music.
Music with strong rhythm can be used for infant intelligence. At the 4th international music festival just held by Jinbao, experts from the Central Academy of Education research on children's ability development said that letting infants touch percussion every day can make children move rhythmically, at the same time, it effectively stimulates children's intellectual development.

Orff's music education system is one of the famous music education systems recognized in the world today. His educational philosophy is to let children take the initiative to participate in music activities, cultivate children's interest and hobbies in music, and cultivate and develop children's creativity and innovation spirit through music activities. In music activities, children are trained to interact with people, people and group consciousness, and music education is combined with other teaching activities.
The principles of Orff's music education can be summarized as follows: casual, comprehensive, personal participation, emotional appeal, and return to people.
Choose a toy or musical instrument for your child to train your hearing, which will help your child's intellectual development! If your child is learning music, you should choose it for your child, let the child move and move. Let your baby play more children's percussion toy, I hope to make your baby smarter!

The small-sized bell with a rope is similar to the wooden handle and the operation is stronger;
The two ends of the line are copper bell, and the plating surface is shiny,
The sound is crisp and does not fade.




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