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Lead fish 5 color soft fish 10CM 14.7G road bait fishing gear exportation DW6036
Size: about 10cm
Weight: about 14.7G
Product material: silica gel soft bait
Hook size: single hook
Soft bait: coiled maggot (Grub), double tailed maggot (twintails)
The road sub simulation bait in the most mysterious and difficult to play the most easily in the fish is a kind of soft worm worm, soft color types are more commonly used grubs. Insects. Fish. Earthworm lead and so on, 07-08 in Japan and Europe and the United States BASS championship title worm worm, vivid strokes for sea bass; culter. Black fish. Fish. Fish can be full stroke search, how to make soft water vivid dynamic insect attracting prey hunt is cannot do without manual teasing.
Road and soft insect grubs long tail water swimming state is enough to splash, as long as like halleluyah fish culter, perch, blackfish, mandarin fish and other species.
Grubs, two tailed maggot [size=+0] this is one of the most widely used type of soft bait, consisting of a long body and a tail roll. The application of this soft bait is relatively simple. Basically, it is a process of "throwing out and collecting". When it is recovered, the tail of maggot tail will move in the water, and bring out waves to attract fish to catch up.
Product features: the use of high quality rubber, suitable for all kinds of fish, whole water bait. Use of lead head hook
The best, can also be hung on the other various hooks.

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