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Each of the four buttons can handle four different types of chips, meaning that one remote control can operate four different types of devices.  
Frequency from 270MHz~434MHZ and more than 10 frequency points. Fast data speed, not easy to lose code, distance.  
Material: ABS  
Product size: 62*30*15mm/2.44*1.18*0.59''  
Rated voltage: 12 (V)  
Rated current: 10 (mA)  
Installation mode: wireless  
Corresponding frequency: 433MHZ  
Modulation mode: ASK(AM)  
Wireless transmission distance: 50-100m (open space)  
Application: garage door, alarm, automatic door, rolling door, etc  
Type of copied chip: 2260 (e.g. PT2260, SC2260, LX2260,HX2260); 2262, (such as PT2262, SC2262, LX2262,HS2262,HX2262, etc.), PT2264, PT2240 (LX2240), 1527(such as EV1527, HS1527, HX1527), FP527, CS5211, SMC918, SMC926, AX5026, ax5326-3, ax5326-4, HT600, HT680, HT6207, HT6010, HT6012, HT6013, HT6014, HT12D, HT46F49E, PIC16F629, PIC16F630, etc., can also copy other types of chips compatible with the above mentioned chips. Different chip manufacturers will have different prefix chip model, as long as the chip model number Part of the same can be copied  
Note: We generally do not recommend copying roll code chip, because there is a lot of uncertainty when copying roll code chip. When copying roll code chip remote control, we cannot determine whether the original remote control chip is an encryption chip or not, and we do not recommend copying roll code remote control with a pair of remote control.  
Operation Manual:  
1. Clean code: shut at the same time hold the lock with two keys (some of the shell are the two key) upward and downward, the LED indicator lights flashing three times, press release any one of the key, another is not loose, click the release button three times, rapid flashing LED light into the state, at this time of memory data all cleared, after cleaning the data of the remote control, press any key, the LED indicator is on.  
2. Copy: One hand-held original remote controller, the other hand-held copy remote controller, two remote controllers as close as possible, (ideally two remote controllers zero distance side by side on the desktop) respectively press the required copy buttons, LED indicator flickers quickly after three flickers, copy success, other key operation method is the same. Some remote controllers have low transmitting power, so they should be equipped with remote controllers and back-to-back operation of copying remote controllers to cope well. If there is interference in some operating environments, interference operation should be avoided. If copying is not good, copying should be done again after code clearance.  
3. Recovery: When you inadvertently clear the code of the copying remote controller, you can press the bottom two keys of the copying remote controller at the same time. After three flashes of the LED lamp, it will flicker quickly. After release, you press any key again and the light is long, which indicates that the code of the copying remote controller has been restored. Before using our copy remote control to copy, please make sure to clear the existing code of the copy remote control first.  
4. How to control some of the keys after copying, and the rest can not be controlLED, you can use the tips of cleaning and restoring operation, the specific operation is as follows:  
(1) Clearing the code first.  
(2) Copy the keys that have not been copied successfully again after the successful code clearance, and do not copy the keys that have been copied successfully before.  
(3) Clearing the code again.  
(4) Make a restore operation once; at this time, the key that had not been successfully copied was covered by the new copy code, while the original copy of the successful code was retained. If there are still keys that have not been copied successfully after the second copy, they can be coded again, and the keys that have not been copied successfully can be copied again, and then coded and restored again. This is repeated until all keys are successfully copied. This little trick can be used to reduce the hassle of repetitive operations.  
Warm Tips:  
1. Prerequisites for selecting the duplicate remote controller: the original remote controller has normal function, the remote control chip is the same or compatible, and the remote control work frequency is the same.  
2. The copying remote controller can only copy fixed code, learning code chip and remote controller of some single chip computers (the type of chip that can be copied is shown in the description of the type of chip that can be copied).  
3. Two-way remote controller, scroll code remote controller and single-chip encryption program remote controller can not be copied. Such as HCS200, HCS201, HCS300, HCS301, etc.  
4. Before copying the remote controller, make sure that the existing code of the remote controller has been cleared and check whether the code has been cleared successfully. Otherwise, replication is not possible.  
5. Make sure your remote controller has enough power when copying. The closer the two remote controllers are, the better. If the copy distance is too close, the switch can copy from different angles. Pressing the button of the original remote control requires that the transmitting signal be completely normal, and then press the button of the duplicate remote control to ensure that the function is completely duplicated.  
Please allow 1-3mm differs due to manual measurement.  
Due to the different display and different light, the picture may not show the actual color of the item. Thanks for your understanding.  

1 X 4 Button Cloning 433MHZ Remote Control 


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