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Number 12


Size: 1.2 × 1.2 × 1.2
Material: acrylic
Color: white red and blue dots

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Different batches of dice are different in color, mainly real object, and those who mind should take care of them.

A game appliances or gambling, is a stereo small squares, six-sided partition 1234 five six-point, some places called dice. Now of dice there are two color points, namely point and four-point for red while the rest are black its color of changed and Tang Emperor related. Legend Tang Minghuang and Yang LADY'S are fond of dice game, once the turn Tang emperor throw dice of time, only two dice are four-point of time, can win Yang LADY'S, tang prepares a rotation of the time just kept shouting "double four", be dice stop time guoran appeared two four-point. When Emperor Tang saw the situation, he thought it was a good omen, and he made eunuch Hercules finishing all four points of the dice into a bright red, later, and four points corresponding to the point also painted into the red this said lead to folk imitation and has been circulating so far.

Ancient China is the most important, the most loudspeaker form of the play is the dice. Dice earliest generate when shape different, on every sculptured, later the universal-for square or rectangular, engraved on the one, two, three, four points, and with red, black color phase difference.



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