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Specifications: 14 * rounded dice feel good

Quantity:One pack of 100

Packing number: 20 thousand tablets

Color: white Red Blue Dot

Material: plastic new material acrylic melamine









Dice is now the most common play item in entertainment places. Generally, dice are divided into two people and more than two people to play, and there are nearly a hundred kinds of games. Now we introduce ten kinds of games for everyone. This article is collected and sorted by 36 chess cards, tells a Chess Story, teaches a game skill, and provides a happy mood. Hope the bar dice game ten kinds of this article can help you.

Dice is now the most common play item in entertainment places. Generally, dice are divided into two people and more than two people to play, and there are nearly a hundred kinds of games. Now we introduce ten kinds of games for everyone.


Number of participants: two or more.

Play: this is the most popular game in the city bar.

Two-person play: one in each hand and five dice in it. After shaking and playing, both parties can open their own points to see their own points. If the shake is Shunzi, such as 1234, 2345 and, the shaken party will uncover its own to the other party, and re-open. In this kind of play, one can represent one or any number of points in the game. If the five dice you shake in your own bag are not 1123, then you have two one or three two, three, three five. But what you have to guess is the number of points between you and the other party. As long as you shout out points and numbers equal to or less than the number of points and numbers issued by the other party, and you win. For example, you call four five, the other party does not believe, open you, there are five or six five in the two sides, and you win. If you shout two or four, the other party must shout more points or numbers than two or two, such as two five, two six, three two, and so on. You can also clearly call out five six, seven six ..... If the other party says six or six, he can open him, because the other party has only five or six at most, and the other party has a fine drink. But he doesn't believe it. If you want to open you, you will lose and drink. Why is this game called bragging? The reason is this. The second start is called by the winner first.

Multiplayer: four people, guess the points and numbers in the four, each is still five dice. For example, for four people, the name is at least four, and the maximum can be called twenty six. Everyone takes turns to call the number. A finished shouting, B, then C, Ding. If you don't believe in the next family, you can ask everyone to open it. If you guess the points and numbers of the four people at home, then you will be punished. If you guess wrong, go home and drink. If you call at home: Ten five, as long as the opening is equal to or greater than ten five, including eleven five, twelve five, the upper family wins. The second start is called by the top loser. It is also popular in Guangdong. In addition to the number of calls, no matter which one is called, any other three people can ask for it if they don't believe it. Instead, it is no longer called in turn. It said qiang kai.

Tip: playing this kind of game depends on fighting wisdom and courage, observing colors rather than relying on luck alone.

Tooth extraction:

Number of participants: two or more.

Play: put ten dice in the dice. Starting from the first person, shake the dice and guess the dice points. This point refers to the points of a single dice, which is selected in 1-6. Suppose that the four people are a. Example: A first report 2, open the dice, if there is a 2-point dice, take the dice away, if there are two in the ten dice, take two, take three and take three. And the next person will shake the number of points in the number of points, take away the guessing dice, and continue to be made by C. On the contrary, if the number of points reported by a is not available in ten dice, a drink will be given. After the penalty is finished, the dice will continue to be shaken by the armor. Unless the number of points guessed is generated in the dice after the armor is shaken, it will continue to be punished by the armor. The more this game is played, the less the number of dice, guessProbabilityThe smaller it is. When the last sieve is left, the first round ends. Then put the ten sieve again and start again. When there are less than five screens left, people with bad luck can drink more than a dozen cups of wine in a row. This kind of play is rare in Nanjing and prevalent in coastal areas and Hong Kong and Macao.

Tip: in addition to a certain amount of wine, this kind of play should also prepare enough beer. Take a dozen beers for four people as an example, one free drink (a small beer cup in the bar), about 20 minutes, a dozen drinks will be finished.

Russian roulette

Play: two people and more than two people play. Put six empty cups on the table. Each person can also share a dice in front of each person, and put a dice in the dice. If a is shaken a little, fill the first glass with wine. The next turn is B. If B shakes out four points, fill the fourth cup with wine. C shake, shake out six points, fill the sixth Cup with wine, if Ding shakes a little, finish the first cup of wine, and then shake it. If it is four points, after drinking the fourth cup of wine. And so on.

Tip: people with poor luck even drink five or six cups. Remember to buy more wine when playing such games.

Item 9:

Play: two people and more than two people play. Put a cup on the table. Put two dice in one basket. Everyone turns to shake the dice in turn, every seven plus wine, eight drinks half, nine drinks. If a is shaken by a after seven drinks, a will shake seven and eight and drink half. If it shakes out points other than 9, it will be shaken by B. If you shake out two identical points, such as four, four, five. By the person who shakes this point, specify that any person on the table will drink or drink half of the wine.

Tip: For people who are particularly hygienic, they may not like to drink with several people in the public Cup.

Mahjong: Two people play.

How to Play: A and B have two pairs of, one pair of five dice and one pair of four dice. The so-called Hu Pai is a pair of five dice with one Shunzi, five with the same, or three one-color points and one Shunzi even if Hu Pai. For example: 1234, 1234, four, four, five, six, two, three, two, five, six, six, etc. For example, a Puts five dice and a sits Zhuang. A shakes the dice, if this card is not Hu, a chooses one of the five dice to give B, and if B is just the right dice, it becomes a card, B wins, A cup of fine wine. For example, a five dice are: 1246. B is: four, four, six, six. A picks out four dice for B, four, six, three headband pairs, and wins. The winner is seated. If you don't have a card on both sides, it's your turn to sit down and so on.

Than single pair:

Play: two people and more than two people play. Each person has a pair of chopsticks in front of them and a sieve inside them. Everyone can guess whether the number of dice in all sieve clocks is singular or double. Those who called wrong drink.

Tip: This is also a way to accelerate the elimination of beer on the table.

Same flower:

Play: two people play. In front of each person, there are two to three screens in the basket. The color of the rolled dice is the same, but the black is bigger than the red.

Ratio size:

Play: two people and more than two people play. A pair of dice in front of each person and a dice inside. The winner of the idea wins, and the smallest one drinks.

Tip: This is the simplest way to play, but it is not interesting.


Play: two people play. Each one with a pair of dice cup, Dice Cup five dice. If you encounter a six-point each time you open it, take the point dice away. If there are no 61 points for each roll, you will be punished. Then shake, no more, continue to drink. Until the bracelet in each person's bracelet is shining, the end of the round.

Tip: The last person will be unlucky. If his sieve cannot shake six or one, he will not stop drinking.

Three male

Three dice, each person shakes and opens at the same time, and the three dice add up the number of tails to win, of which three are the largest.

21 points

Each person first takes a dice and a box. After shaking, look at how many points the bottom is, and thenDealerShake the hair point, make up for 21 points, the closer to 21 points for the victory, the far away for the loss, the penalty. (Note: This kind of play is fromPokerExtended in the gameplay .)


Five each dice, shake dice, and then open roll box, which three up 10 points for cattle, and then the rest of two total number greatly wins, 20 points for two cattle, two cattle namelyNiuMaximum.

In fact, the number of games has reached tens of minutes. Even likeShuttle haAnd, due to space limitations not enumerate.

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