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Physiotherapy healthcare 650nm laser healthy laser therapy instrument to treat hypertension,diabetes,rhinitis,cholesterol

Watch of wrist of laser therapeutic apparatus
Wrist laser therapeutic apparatus
A, product efficacy
1. To purify the blood
2. The flow of blood
3. To protect the brain yangxin
Second, the product scope
1. Patients with cerebrovascular disease
2. The three tenors crowd
3. The healthy people
4. People with poor sleep
5. Rhinitis crowd
Three, main technical index
Laser wavelength: 650 nm
The number of laser: six
Single laser output power: 5 mw
Timing range: 10 to 60 minutes
High blood pressure is caused by what reason?
Hypertension unknown etiology, factors related to the pathogenesis
1. Age: incidence of a disease has increased with age and the trend of high incidence of more than 40 years old.
2. Salt, salt intake bulls, high incidence of hypertension, think salt < 2 g/day, almost without hypertension; 3-4 g/day, the incidence of hypertension 3%, 4-15 g/day, the incidence of 33.15%, > 30% incidence of 20 g/day.
3. Weight: high rates of obesity.
4. Genetic: about half of the patients with hypertension family history.
5. Environmental and occupational: noisy work environment, mental work of strain are prone to high blood pressure, the city's high incidence of a disease is higher than the countryside.
Blood pressure regulation and control mechanism
Many factors can cause high blood pressure. Heart pumps blood capacity strengthening (such as cardiac contractile force increase, etc.), increase the pumping blood every second. Another factor is the lost normal artery elasticity, become stiff, when the heart pumps out blood, cannot effectively expansion, therefore, each cardiac pumping through than the normal blood flow to the narrow space, lead to rising pressure. This is high blood pressure in atherosclerosis lead to arterial wall thickening and become rigid of the elderly. Due to the stimulation of nerve and hormones in the blood, systemic small artery temporary retreat also can cause increased blood pressure. The third factor can lead to high blood pressure is the liquid capacity increase circulation. When this is common in kidney disease, kidney is not fully from the body excrete sodium and water, blood volume increases in the body, causing increased blood pressure.
On the contrary, if a limited ability to pump blood, blood vessels or excessive fluid loss, can cause blood pressure to drop. These factors mainly through the kidney function and autonomic nervous system (in the nervous system to automatically adjust the many functions of body part) to manage changes.
Now that we know the cause of the high blood pressure, how to prevent?
Love perfect technology combined with traditional Chinese medicine theory with modern science, design a wrist watch type three-high laser therapeutic apparatus (with convenient, light penetrating through blood vessels causes)
Product characteristics:
1. Lower blood sugar
2. Lower blood lipids (cholesterol, triglycerides)
3. To prevent thrombosis
4. The prevention and treatment of high blood pressure
5. Health brain, enhance memory
6. Improve the sub-health state
Regulate the body's immune function, enhance airframe disease-resistant ability.
8. Use rechargeable batteries, can use continuously
9. The whole machine lightweight, easy to carry.
Functional category
1. The fall blood sugar
To injection monochrome low energy laser in the blood can increase the ability of red blood cell degeneration, improve red blood cell and platelet aggregation, increase the ability of red blood cells carry oxygen, make the red blood cells of the original negative charge amount back to normal, mutual repulsion more, make originally gathered clouds disperse red blood cells and thus reduce the blood viscosity.
2. The fall hematic fat
To injection monochrome low energy laser in the blood can activate a variety of enzymes in the blood of the body, melting and decomposition of fat in the blood, improve blood oxygen content, thus accelerate the radical scavenging, interfere with the lipid peroxidation metabolism process, reduce and remove cholesterol in the blood vessels, reduce blood fat.
3. To prevent thrombosis
To injection monochrome low energy laser in the blood can reduce vascular active substances, shu of vascular active substances, reduce the formation of blood clots in the blood levels, is advantageous to the prevention of cardiovascular disease, such as stroke, cerebral infarction, myocardial infarction, coronary heart disease and other diseases.
4. The treatment and prevention of high blood pressure, blood pressure steadily
Into the bloodstream into monochromatic low energy laser can decrease the blood viscosity, improve red blood cell and platelet aggregation degree. Thus reduce blood viscosity, peripheral resistance decrease, still can reduce blood fat, improve the blood vessel wall elasticity, make the blood pressure returned to normal, reduce the peripheral resistance, reduce negative after heart have the effect of blood pressure smoothly.
5. Brain write-ups
To the injection monochrome low energy laser in the blood can improve the ability of red blood cells carry oxygen and release, thus ensuring the brain have plenty of energy sources, reach the role of brain write-ups.
6. The clinical symptoms improved significantly
For dizziness, headache, chest tightness, shortness of breath, hysteresis, forgetfulness, drowsiness, fatigue, such as cardiovascular disease have markedly improved, semiconductor laser can stimulate to gobble up ability increases, accelerate the degradation of lipoprotein, reduce the peripheral resistance, improve blood circulation, can quickly relieve general symptoms, improve activity endurance.
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