There are no win-win strategies for betting on sports, but the express bet, if you take it responsibly, can bring good profits. Express or steam locomotive is a combined bet on the outcomes of several sporting events. Typically, a locomotive includes from 3 to 5 events. But in some cases it is advisable to choose an express strategy of 2, or, conversely, of 8 or 10 events. At the same time, the gain from such a bet is very significant, because the amount wagered is multiplied by the CF multiplied by all the outcomes that entered the locomotive.

How to place multiplier bets correctly, how to put together a multiplied bet correctly, the secrets of the multiplayer strategy and much more, read this article.

Express sports betting strategy – what you need to know

Before betting, you need to consider the following aspects:

  1. The bookmaker can limit the number of events that can be included in the engine or prohibit the inclusion of certain outcomes in it.
  2. The overall coefficient of the locomotive can also be limited by the BC.
  3. You cannot include bets on dependent or conditionally dependent outcomes (the victory of the team and its IT) in the combination.
  4. The fewer events in the locomotive, the greater the likelihood that it will enter, but the less the amount of the win.
  5. The lower the odds, the more likely the combination will work.

And most importantly, if at least one event in the combination is lost, the entire bet is burned out.

Accumulation strategy – example

For a better understanding of what a multi is in sports betting, here is an example:

  1. Better looked through the bookmaker’s line and found 3 bets that he is sure of. This is Bet 1 – KF 1.2; Bet 2 – KF 1.4 and Bet 3 – KF 1.5.
  2. The overall coefficient of this combination is 2.52. If the bettor invests 100 euros in the amount of three bets, his net profit will be 152 euros.
  3. If the bettor has not guessed at least one outcome with accuracy, the locomotive “burned out” and the player loses his 100 euros.

The main advantage of the express is that you can put together several “sure” bets and get a good overall CF.

Types of express strategies for sports

You can install using the steam locomotive method in one of the following ways:

  • Safe tactics – up to 5 events with low or medium odds.
  • Safe tactic # 2 – if all the events have entered, and there is only one left, it must be secured with the opposite rate (the “counter-move” system).
  • Horizontal express train or steam locomotive for a week – events are not linked to a locomotive, but bets are placed sequentially. The size of the bet is increased by 10% if the previous one has not entered. As a result, even if all the first 6 events lose, and the seventh turns out to be winning, the bettor will receive a good profit.
  • Many events – we include 8-10 or even more events with low odds in a combination – profitable but risky.

The express strategy of two or more events has many options. You can choose one, or you can alternate several, depending on the existing situation and the list in the BC.